Final Fantasy VII: Remake and Kingdom Hearts III May Not Surface Any Time Soon

A Square-Enix financial briefing has shed light on the company's plans for the near future, and they don't seem to contain the two games you'd hope. To say Final Fantasy VII: Remake and Kingdom Hearts III are "hotly anticipated" would absolutely be an understatement, but they'll remain anticipated for potentially years. The briefing doesn’t mention them by name, but logos for each game are listed on a graphic depicting “a robust pipeline from which 1-2 blockbuster titles as well as multiple mid-size titles are constantly launched every year”. The graphic shows KH3, FFVII:R, and their recently-announced Marvel game as titles coming after March 2018. The image is also captioned with the words “We plan to launch each of these upcoming titles in the next three years or so." This information isn't too shocking, considering as recently as January, the games’ director, Tetsuya Nomura, mentioned “In terms of the state of development, there is still some way to go.”

Also consider Square-Enix is no stranger to lengthy development cycles on announced games. We’re approaching two years since the reveal of FFVII: Remake, but the company is infamous for legendarily long press cycles. Final Fantasy XIII was released 6 years after its first trailer, the “real” version of Final Fantasy XIV was about 8 years after its debut, last year’s Final Fantasy XV was announced at E3 2006 as a completely different game, and we’ve known about Kingdom Hearts III for almost two decades.

Those Final Fantasy titles did turn out to be fantastic games, however, so it’s probably a good thing they’re taking their time to get these things right. Considering the massive stakes for both franchises, anything less than a stellar game would be devastating, but knowing we might be waiting until after self-driving cars are a thing is still a little heartbreaking. And that’s before you remember KH3 isn’t coming until after FFVII: Remake, and that the latter will be released episodically. There’s a real possibility we won’t see even part one of the Remake until three years from now. 

Until then, there’s more than enough excellent Square-Enix RPG-ing to do, with both Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XIV, the latter of which will be covered in great detail here at EWC, including impressions on its upcoming expansion, Stormblood.