Dissidia Is Coming to A PS4 Near You

The Final Fantasy fighting game returns. Today, Square-Enix confirmed the North American release of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as a 2018 PlayStation 4 exclusive.

The game was originally released in Japanese arcades back in 2015, and I’ve been itching to play a console version of it since. Based on gameplay trailers for that release, this one seems to bring back the combination of over-the-top fighting and RPG-style damage numbers that made the PSP Dissidia titles so unique. Square-Enix and developer Team Ninja haven't exactly been forthcoming with information on the game, however. We know this one focuses on 3v3 battles and includes Y'shtola from Final Fantasy XIV and Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, alongside basically all the famous protagonists and antagonists in FF history you'd expect. Additionally, the game's story is written by Kazushige Nojima, who handled writing for Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy XV.

I have my concerns about how much of the RPG and story elements from the series’ debut will make it into this game. Dissidia NT began as an arcade game, and arcade fighting games are usually the opposite of “deep”. That said, Japanese arcade titles are known for having crazy ideas like user logins and persistent leveling for individual players, so hopefully that exists in the current arcade game. I’m sure it would translate to a console version just fine. Square-Enix has revealed there will still be equipment (and Moogles), so I'm optimistic. Otherwise, the announce trailer released today leans heavily on story cutscenes, so that part of it will probably hold up as well.

If you’ve never played Dissidia, and you’re a Final Fantasy fan, you should be excited, assuming this is a worthy addition to the series. Historically, these games have balanced the mechanical depth you want in a fighting game with the equipment and character growth you’d look for in an RPG incredibly well. The fighting system itself is also unique and battles involve lots of flying and blowing stuff up. I never really understood why they took characters from a bunch of turn-based games and made them fight like Dragonball Z characters, but it looks amazing enough that you forget to dwell on it.

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