Battlefield V Returns to World War II

EA's concise Battlefield V reveal event checked plenty of boxes and answered all the real questions. After checking out the trailer, keep scrolling for a quick rundown of the important points.

Battlefield V takes the series back to World War II. The game's out October 19th for the standard edition, October 16th for deluxe, and the EA Access trial starts October 11th. There's an open beta coming, but there's no announced date yet, and pre-ordering the game will get you early access to that as well.

There will be no "pay-to-win" elements to the game. Keeping in line with that promise, BFV will not have a season pass. They stated that the goal is to keep everyone together as far as map and gear availability. They didn't entirely rule out every possible form of in-game purchase, but they were very clear that everything could be earned through just playing the game, even after a few very direct questions from the event's host, Trevor Noah.

Operations return as Grand Operations. If you're not deep into the Battlefield modes already, just know that it's a cool way to play the game. The game will feature new movement options, such as back-prone movement as shown in the trailer. The developers also implied there will be other traversal options so here's hoping we get some form of mantling. 

Players will get a "toolbox" item as part of their kit. It sounds like a way to build fortifications and cover. During the event, they described things like digging trenches, which would be new to the series. Overall they felt this would be a way to combat that familiar Battlefield scenario of not having any cover once all the buildings get destroyed in a match. 

BFV will have a single player mode similar to Battlefield 1's War Stories. There's also a 4-player cooperative mode known as Combined Arms. They didn't explain much about it, but players will have customized characters and get to choose their physical appearance and gear. I was underwhelmed by that at first, until I realized this is actually super rare in Call of Duty and Battlefield so I'll take it. Customization items will also be earned in game, without microtransactions.

Fresh off of watching the reveal event for Battlefield V, the primary thing on my mind is that they've sold me on going back to World War II. I was very interested in another modern combat BF since just about every shooter today is either set in the future or set in a past war. But the graphics in this trailer, promises about the rest of the game around the multiplayer, and just that old, reliable Battlefield ridiculousness have me very interested in playing another WWII shooter. Their bold (by today's standards) choice to steer away from microtransactions is admirable, especially considering this is probably EA's biggest game of the year. It seems like they're betting on good will and a solid game to make money, rather than risking another Star Wars: Battlefront 2 scenario. And speaking of bold choices, I'm a little surprised they didn't have a battle royale mode!

I'll absolutely be in those betas, and you'll hear more about the game from us during this upcoming five-month wait.

You can check out our stream of the full reveal event, with my silly commentary, down below.

Images are from their official Twitter page.