Apex Legends Season 1 Starts Tomorrow

Throughout the month of March, Respawn’s decision to tell everyone ahead of time that the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass would come out this month has seemed like a mistake. The pleas, demands, and eventually memes seemed to amplify over these past 17 days, leading to the point where the game’s developers were forced to comment about the near-outrage on Reddit. Setting a launch window only works if you stick to that launch window, which is why today’s announcement that Apex Season 1 begins tomorrow (01:00 PM EDT) should finally put fans at ease.

They’re calling this thing Wild Frontier and it functions similarly to the Battle Pass system seen in Fortnite. For 950 Apex Coins (basically $10 USD), you can access the Battle Pass, which comes with its own leveling system, new skins, stat trackers, banners, quips… you know, Apex stuff. You’ll earn these things by playing the game and leveling up. Everyone who plays will earn levels and XP, but the Battle Pass rewards only go out to those who drop the $10. Of course, it works retroactively, meaning you can buy in at any point during Season 1 (which will presumably last 3-4 months) and receive every reward up to your current season level instantly. Also, crucially, reaching level 97 will get you 1,000 Apex Coins, which means it pays for itself. If the next Battle Pass costs the same amount this one did — which is very likely going to be the case — you’ll get it for free.

Speaking of free stuff, those who don’t spend money on the pass will still get new Season 1 content. That includes the balance update, 1 Wild Frontier skin, 5 Apex Packs, and the new character, Octane. I assume Octane will cost 12,000 Legend Tokens just as Mirage and Caustic did, but that hasn’t yet been confirmed. If you want to see the specific rewards for each level, check out Respawn’s official details of Season 1 here.

Respawn says they’ll share patch notes and balance changes before the update goes live tomorrow, but they also posted a cool little blog detailing their Battle Pass philosophy. The post explains that they intend to keep things simple with Season 1, rather than locking rewards behind specific feats or tricks as Fornite has been known to do. They’re more concerned with players mastering the basic game than with forcing gimmicky tasks or quests on them. The blog also mentions they plan to try more innovative Battle Pass ideas in the future, comparing their plans to Apex’s other unique ideas like the ping system and having a Jumpmaster.

Personally, I’m excited to have more direction and purpose for playing Apex Legends beyond just the fun factor. It feels good to have more rewards. At $10, it’s fairly cheap, and I would have considered that to be a worthwhile investment even before hearing that you’ll get the 1,000 Apex Coins back if you play enough. Respawn has already hinted at some fantastic balance changes,
which I assume will be a part of this update as well, so all told, I’m very excited to play some Season 1 tomorrow.

On the other hand, there’s some really questionable stuff in that Battle Pass. Many levels only reward you with XP or a level banner. It’s kinda lame that reaching level 55 will only reward you with… an emblem that says you’re level 55. Beyond that, I also think the new character skins leave much to be desired, and Octane himself is way less visually interesting than the rest of the cast. I’ve been shooting that guy in the face since like 2008 in Borderlands.


Either way, you can play Wild Frontier in Apex Legends tomorrow, starting at 1 PM EDT, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. I’ll have impressions ready once I’ve played it.

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