Apex Legends Season 2 Details

Finally, an update for Apex! After almost three solid months of nothing but balance changes, the best battle royale game on the market approaches Season 2: Battle Charge, which means lots of new features.

The Battle Pass

A new legendary skin for Caustic.

The Season 2 Battle Pass sounds like a huge improvement over the original. On stage, at the EA Play panel for E3 2019 today, Respawn promised more skins, no trackers taking up space, and brand new types of rewards. They added that you’ll get enough crafting materials through leveling up the Battle Pass to afford a legendary skin by the end, in addition to a guaranteed legendary item every 25 levels, starting at level 1.

This time around, instead of leveling up from just your survival time, you’ll earn Battle Pass XP by completing challenges. Challenges rotate both daily and weekly, and they stack up, so if you stop playing the game for a few days or weeks, you can still complete challenges you missed. The developers admitted this means leveling the Pass will take less time, but that’s probably a good thing. Thankfully, the official Apex website mentions that the challenges won’t be anything wacky.

The New Mode

In Season 2, Apex Legends is getting a ranked mode. There will be six tiers, Bronze through Apex Predator, and you’ll be matched with players in your tier should you chose to do ranked matchmaking. The ranks are seasonal, meaning at the end of Season 2, your rank will be reset for Season 3, but you’ll also receive rewards based on which tier you land in by the end of each Season. They were careful to mention that at the Apex Predator rank, it will probably take longer to find matches, which does make sense. Apex isn’t nearly as popular as it was back in March, but I think they still have a large enough player base to keep matchmaking times short, despite adding new modes.

The New Legend

The new Legend is Wattson and she’s a defensive character. Her abilities are all linked together in a way that makes her dramatically stand out from the other nine playable characters. Her tactical lets her place fences by throwing down pylons. When an enemy crosses through a fence, they’ll take damage, be slowed, and they’ll instantly become marked for your entire squad. Fortunately, the fence will temporarily shut off when an ally passes through.

Her ultimate is an “Interception Pylon” that lasts indefinitely until it’s destroyed by other players. It will automatically shoot down any incoming explosives (including airstrikes!) and it heals shields for all nearby allies. Additionally, it speeds up the cooldown of Wattson’s tactical when she’s close to it, which means she’s able to build fences faster while her ultimate is up.

Lastly, her passive makes any ultimate accelerants fill her ultimate to maximum in one go. That means you don’t have to be as picky about when to drop her ult or her fences, because as long as you have an accelerant on you, you’re just a few seconds from having another ultimate ready to go. Pairing this character’s abilities with other defensive Legends like Caustic and Gibraltar is going to lead to some crazy stuff.

The video posted above also covers a lot of Wattson’s back story. I won’t get into it here, but it’s cool that they’re explaining more of what the hell the Apex Games even are with each character they reveal. I guess it’s safe to say Apex has a story now.

The New Weapon

Season 2 will introduce new equipment to the game as well. Titanfall’s L-Star light machine gun is coming to Apex as the third gold weapon, meaning it can only be found in supply drops. Due to that rarity the developers have already admitted the weapon will be “so overpowered”, but it will also have limited ammo like every gold weapon. Assuming it works like it does in Titanfall, the L-Star should have a large magazine that makes you manage an overheating system, rather than having to reload. It will also be the only gun that can break apart doors. Additionally, the developers confirmed there will be a hop-up that improves the Mozambique, and implied there will be other new attachments to loot.

Lastly, there was a quick hint at some sort of event taking place on the Apex map, Kings Canyon. The trailer below ends with a shot of a giant creature of some kind, so I can only assume it’s related to this event. Respawn isn’t spilling the beans on that one just yet.

Apex Legends Season 2: Battle Charge begins July 2nd on all platforms. You can download the game for free right now, and check out our video review here.

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