E3 2018 Conference Schedule and Schemes

It's E3 2018, a.k.a. video game Christmas, which means we've been doing our EWC thing for a year now. Let's talk dates and times, shall we?

The Schedule

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  • Saturday - EA Play at 2pm ET
  • Sunday - Microsoft at 4pm ET, Bethesda at  9:30pm ET
  • Monday - Square-Enix at 1pm ET, Ubisoft at 4pm ET, PC Gaming Showcase at 6pm ET*, Sony at 9pm ET
  • Tuesday - Nintendo at 12pm ET

*I'm not sure I'm going to stream the PC show. That one doesn't usually focus on news.

Our Coverage

Our plan is to watch each conference and give live reactions on our Twitch channel, twitch.tv/everyonewhocares. At the time I'm writing this, the EA Play conference happened yesterday, and I missed streaming that one (which sort of worked out because I was pretty furious that they did 10 minutes on a mobile game). That still leaves 8 more events for us to cover, with the next one being Microsoft's showcase at 4pm EST today. Come watch it with me and hang out.

Given that we typically record our podcast on Monday nights, we've decided to postpone recording until Tuesday, so that we can cover all the news in Wednesday's episode. Until then, make sure you check out episode 40, where we give our predictions, and point out how wrong we probably are about everything.

But in addition to the podcast, I'll also be posting news articles about some of the more eventful stuff from these conferences, and giving each show its own article. Those articles will be updated with summaries as they go, to catch people up (and for my own memory).

So! We'll see you on Twitch for Microsoft's press event in just a couple of hours. Let us know what you think of these crazy things on Facebook (@everyonewhocares), and Twitter (@every1whocares).