E3 2018: So, There's A Devil May Cry 5

Shortly after announcing they'd purchased developer Ninja Theory, Microsoft premiered the first trailer for Devil May Cry 5. This one is part of the main numbered series... which doesn't take long to notice. 

Video game character faces have come a long way.

To begin with, the character we see played is Devil May Cry 4's Nero, sporting a shorter haircut. This isn't DMC Dante from the most recent game. That means we'll have a more anime-esque, Japanese-developed game this time around, which is a result of Capcom bringing Hideaki Itsuno back as game director.

DMC5 takes place in Red Grave City, the name being a nod to Dante's alias in the Devil May Cry novel. Capcom specifically mentions Dante and Nero as being playable, but they list three total playable characters. Nero's female companion in the trailer is known as Nico, and we're told the story also involved Vergil in some way.


The artwork featured below shows a third person who is likely our third protagonist. However, I can't think of any dark-haired male characters who look anything like this mystery person, so I believe Capcom's got some 'splaining to do between now and launch day. 

That's probably not Vergil on the right... right?

Beyond that, all we know is that it's scheduled for Spring 2019, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Itsuno calls it the best game he's ever made. We'll see, sir.