E3 2019: Nintendo | Press Conference Rambles

Nintendo obviously didn’t have an actual press conference, so this will be more of my thoughts on the Nintendo Direct video they played. This one’s a bit easy because we know most of Nintendo’s game plan at this point.

There wasn’t much new for Pokemon Sword and Shield during the direct, primarily because they just dropped a ton of Pokemon info about a week ago. During the Treehouse stream after the Direct video ended, Nintendo showed some of the open area gameplay, which features… well, really just walking around empty fields and occasionally seeing Pokemon. This game continues to be a by-the-numbers Pokemon game, so by now you know if you’re in or not, and nothing they show will change that.

Similarly, there was a trailer for Animal Crossing: New Horizons that also felt like “Yup, that’s Animal Crossing.” I’m still as interested as most people, but the game’s showing during this Direct was incredibly lackluster for a stage as big as E3. That’s a theme that continued across everything Nintendo showed. Without a stage show or any huge games that aren’t already known quantities, nothing from Nintendo’s E3 Direct felt significant, save for the ending.

They closed by announcing a sequel for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They weren’t big on details, but there was a teaser trailer and I loved it. It was creepy and mysterious in a way that made the whole thing feel like Twilight Princess which is my favorite Zelda game. The trailer is also one of those where you can pick apart each scene for clues and hints, which adds even more to the enigmatic vibe of this game. It felt much deeper and atmospheric than anything I’ve seen from Nintendo outside of Metroid. A Breath of the Wild sequel is already enough to be hyped for, but the atmosphere of the trailer pushes it into must-play territory if they keep that up.

So in short, Nintendo had like 20 Switch ports, first party games that look exactly like you expected, and a fantastic Zelda trailer. Nintendo’s gonna Nintendo.

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