E3 2019: PC Gaming Show | Press Conference Rambles

To be frank, the PC show is always bad. This event has a history of hokey, cheesy presentation and a weird collection of games that are either already shown at other press conferences, or aren’t necessarily big enough to warrant being one someone else’s stage. That’s certainly a good thing for some games, but for the show overall, it simply means this: the PC gaming show has always been the E3 conference you could skip without missing much, and that’s still true this year.

My personal highlight for this show was the extended conversation about Borderlands 3 with Paul Sage from Gearbox. They did a Q&A that gave some answers most Borderlands fans would like to hear. Other than that… there were quite a few cool looking games but nothing that blew me away. I mentioned above that this show gets a lot of games that aren’t big enough to show up elsewhere, and them having Shenmue 3 on stage is a perfect example of that. Auto Chess and Baldur’s Gate 3 received a good chunk of time as well, but there’s still so little information on the latter that it’s hard to be excited about anything beyond the name.

Speaking on the show itself, it was just a mess. The hosts were both very “gamer” in that awkward way The Game Awards used to be. I’m sure they’re fine, but as presenters, they came off as being hosts and not people. The show’s format didn’t do them any favors, with a weird stage setup that forced the hosts to walk out in front of the interviewees before every segment, and, for some weird reason, commercial breaks. I feel bad for the hosts having to do a lead-in to an ad for a monitor, and then interview the monitor company afterwards. No one in that audience paid to hear about a damn monitor. If you skip this show, you won’t have missed anything… except for possibly the pretty fun trailer for Maneater. It’s telling that it took me about four total sittings to even make it through this thing to the end.

Stuff you should see:

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