E3 2019: Let's Ramble About These Press Conferences

Reactions to (almost) every single E3 2019 press conference. Just click your company.

E3 2019 is most remarkable for the crazy amount of real games. Some years, like 2015 specifically, E3 shows are full of promises and games we won’t see for years, if ever. This year, the majority of games from every publisher were games that will be out within the next year. Most of them are actually out within the next eight months. Even long-awaited games like Final Fantasy VII Remake and Cyberpunk 2077 got release dates that are much closer than many people expected. When you consider that we’re at the end of the generation, this is kind of crazy.

At the end of the last generation, we had stuff like Gears of War Judgement and God of War Ascension, basically spin-offs, to pad out the generation. And those games were the tent poles supporting a cascade of PlayStation Move “experiences” and Xbox Kinect “games”. By the time that last E3 rolled around, the only things to look forward to on PS3 and 360 were those watered-down, cross-gen versions of games like Destiny and Battlefield 4.

This time around, we have multiple, legitimate “Game of the Generation” contenders still to come on PS4 and Xbox One. Most of those games (the ones that aren’t PlayStation exclusives) are on full display at this year’s E3, and we just learned they’re all coming soon. An E3 full of games you’ll actually get to play soon is a good E3 to me.

So it’s time to talk about these conferences. I don’t want to give a play-by-play, but in the following articles, you’ll get my personal takes on each show, and I’ll drop a few YouTube links to some of the highlights as well. Feel free to share these rambles with your friends, families, and pets, or to argue with me on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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