E3 2017 - EA Press Conference Abridged

It’s Saturday and E3 is happening and I was prepared for this in zero ways, but let’s talk about games! EA started this year’s festivities with a Saturday afternoon conference and some pretty remarkable new stuff.

New Game - Anthem

Anthem, the new game from BioWare was revealed via teaser trailer. There’s very little information aside from the flavor in the trailer, but news has broken in the past saying BioWare’s next game would have a heavy focus on online social interactions. The assumption is the game will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but the first gameplay demo for Anthem will take place during tomorrow’s Microsoft press conference.

Surprise! Free Stuff

Right now, right now EA’s letting people play games for free. If you’re a PC player or an Xbox Live Gold member, every game in the EA Access Vault is free June 10th-18th. If you’re on PS4 (where there is no EA Access) you have a free, limited-access trial to the following games:

  • Madden '18
  • FIFA '18
  • UFC 2
  • Titanfall 2
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
  • You’ll also get access to all of Star Wars: Battlefront’s DLC during this trial period, provided you own the full game.

New Game - A Way Out

A new game from Hazelight, the developers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (which was excellent) has been announced. A Way Out is touted as a co-op only action/adventure game, about two escaped convicts. Based on the wording at the conference, it’ll be similar to Brothers in terms of exploration and problem solving, but in a more serious setting. It releases on the big three platforms in “early 2018”.

New Information

EA showed more of Star Wars: Battlefront II in a gameplay demo. There was, of course, lots of information on the new modes, but the biggest reveal was about the game’s DLC scheme. They’re going with the more modern route seen in games like Titanfall 2 or Overwatch where non-cosmetic content will be added to the game for free. This is one I’m following quite closely, so I’ll have a separate post soon with more details. This trailer also continues their trend of great remixes to classic Star Wars themes.

New Information

Need for Speed: Payback was shown in the form of a gameplay demo. It looks like Burnout Paradise meets a Fast and Furious movie and it’s a pretty exciting combination. It even has the Burnout Takedown camera when you defeat an “enforcer”. The story looks like it’ll be a little cheesy, but gameplay looks much better than I expected. If it has a meaningful online suite, this’ll be the closest thing to a new Burnout game in almost 10 years.

And, of course...

There’s an NBA Live ’18, Madden NFL ’18, and FIFA ’18. #Bombshell
I don’t follow EA’s sports games super closely, but I’ll run down some of the new additions to each.

Live will have a mode they’re calling The One which sounds a lot like My Player mode from the recent NBA 2K games. You play one persistent character through a street ball circuit, the Drew league, and the NBA.

It doesn’t appear to be very story focused, which is the opposite of the new Madden mode, called Longshot. If there’s a way to bring the My Player idea to a football game, Longshot appears to be attempting that through a story-based game mode that looks suspiciously like it should be subtitled “A Spike Lee Joint”. At some point in the trailer, a black man says “Man, forget you!” If that doesn’t sound Spike-ish to you, you don’t got game.

FIFA ’18 is also doing the story mode thing. This time, The Journey is a direct sequel to the story mode from last year’s game, something My Player mode has never done. I’m curious enough I might actually try that out.

EA released trailers for each, but I’ll link to those, to avoid filling this post with even more YouTube embeds. [Live, Madden, FIFA]

They’re still live streaming their EA Play showcase, all over their YouTube and Twitch channels, so check that stuff out to see some of these games played live. They’ve talked about FIFA for the entire time I’ve been writing this, so there’s that. Stay tuned for more E3 2017 coverage!