Man Calls the Cops Over An Illegal Screen, the Ultimate Proof that Ball is Life

There's really no need to lead into this story. During a pick-up basketball game in Dulles, Virginia, on Monday night, a man called the police on another man for setting a hard screen. What part of the game is this. 

According to reports, the "victim" walked off the court, complained to the front desk, called the police, and returned to the gym until the officers arrived. The authorities questioned the men involved and basically left with a message to the front desk of the L.A. Fitness facility saying to contact them if the altercation escalated, which it of course did not, because it was a damn foul. The best way to experience this nonsense is via the following Twitter thread:

Ball truly is life. 

My favorite part of the whole story is this excerpt of the actual police report (for a hard foul!) where the officer has to refer to the fouler as a suspect. It makes sense, but it's just so ridiculous. Somebody get me an Under Armour t-shirt that says "Suspect is Still in the Gym."

Oh, and for the sake of sharing.

I like how you think, @TrapMoneyBenny.

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