Nathan Fillion Did the Thing: An Uncharted Fan Film

Five days ago actor, and real-life Nathan Drake, Nathan Fillion posted a pair of teaser photos on his Instagram page. The first was a photo of some bearded dude from Canada along with the words "Sic Parvis Magna", the motto of one Nathan Drake, main character of the Uncharted video game series. The second was some very Uncharted-looking... maps and junk, accompanied by the date 7/16/18, a.k.a. today.

Lo and behold on today, Fillion and director Allan Ungar released Uncharted - Live Action Fan Film. It's free, it's absolutely worth 15 minutes of your time, and it's right here.

In case normal people who haven't played through the Uncharted games multiple times were unaware, this is something fans have wanted for over a decade. Fillion's role as Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the classic show Firefly is basically the blueprint for Nathan Drake. The idea of the actor actually landing the role as Drake in a live action movie had all but disappeared as he grew older and picked up other high-profile roles (his upcoming Fox series looks great and Castle is one of the best police procedural dramas ever made).

Even without having Nathan Fillion playing the lead, an Uncharted movie has always had appeal. The story is straight forward enough that it can start or stop anywhere and still be entertaining. A one-off adventure with this cast of characters and a pseudo-historical item to chase is all it takes.

For fans of the source material, there are lots of easter eggs and references in this thing. Most of the moves we see Fillion's Drake perform in combat are melee attacks in Uncharted, including the way he fights off the two guys while being restrained. "Kitty got wet," is a famous line from the second game in the series. Drake's trademark "slowly lean out of cover like you actually think the guy shooting at you is done shooting, only to freak out when he shoots at you again" makes an appearance. Sully's "I'll be go to hell"... Drake getting lost in thought as he nerds over some obscure historical revelation... Clearly the people behind this short film know Uncharted

This definitely leaves us with some questions, now. Will Sony will let this thing remain online? Could the "real" Uncharted movie, which has been stuck in production hell since 2008, possibly nail it any more than this does? Oh, and of course, sequel...?

What a time to be alive.