Sagat and G Arrive in Street Fighter V Today, Please Send Help

Evolution 2018 was every bit as intense and exciting as we expect the world's biggest fighting game tournament to be. It held up to its moniker as the "Olympics of fighting games." But, one of the craziest moments wasn't even related to the high-level competition on display.

They're adding Negan from AMC's The Walking Dead to Tekken 7. Like, what? 

But the second craziest thing was Capcom announcing G and Sagat are both coming out today

After a solid week of teases for a G trailer, they opened the Street Fighter V top 8 with producer Yoshinori Ono's usual greeting. In typical Ono fashion, he jovially introduced the G gameplay trailer, which seemed to impress most of the fans in attendance. G appears to be a unique character with a very not-Street Fighter style and mechanics that only exist for him. The final shot of the trailer read "G Available August 2018".

Once that trailer ended, though, Ono pointed out to the crowd that he and his trademark Blanka figure were wearing eye patches, and the crowd erupted for basically the next five minutes. What followed was a gameplay trailer for Sagat that ticked off every single box of things a Sagat fan would want in the current iteration of Street Fighter. There was a kara-DP. He has unblockable setups. His character model looks great. He has his projectile pressure. He has dope one liners about being "the king". His intro involves him having a mother f***ing pet tiger. This trailer also ended with the line "Available August 2018", at which point, I remember falling back on my couch, looking up at the ceiling, and whispering, "What?!" 

Then the screen exploded and it changed to "OUT TOMORROW" and I've basically been done ever since. Send help. 

Evolution 2018 was great.