The First Retail Listing for a Street Fighter V Expansion Might Have Just Leaked

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Yesterday, online retailer ShopTo posted what could be an unannounced, major update to Street Fighter V. Their listing for “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition” lacked a description and box art but it did contain a price: £39.99 or $55 USD. Additionally, the post, which is no longer visible, gave a release date of Tuesday, January 16th.

For context, lots of game announcements get “leaked” this way, with some pretty infamous occurrences such as Assassin’s Creed Origins last year, or Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, which prematurely showed up on Target’s website back in February. Retailer leaks have a pretty good track record of being accurate.


Why this is kind of a big deal.

Street Fighter V leaks are a little more believable, given an ongoing and increasingly prophetic post on Reddit from earlier this year. Reddit user Rikurikumore submitted a post a few months ago detailing a massive info dump for both Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite and SFV. As is usually the case with these things, it seemed rather unreliable until the official announcements came.  Keep in mind, these predictions were posted almost four months ago. The final roster for MvCI was officially confirmed less than a month ago and the addition of Abigail for SFV was revealed two months ago.


  • Rocket Racoon but now with Groot as an assist

  • Venom as DLC

  • Monster Hunter

  • Jedah


  • Abigail

  • Menat

  • Zeku

The big news in the post, however, is the prediction of a "Super Street Fighter V". This updated version of the game would have a few additional modes (including Arcade Mode), a new retail package, all current characters and costumes, new V-skills and Critical Arts for each character, a new story campaign, and a re-done menu treatment. He also mentions that this expansion would be revealed during the PlayStation Experience, an event held in December, during which is also the Capcom Cup tournament, the “finals” of the Street Fighter V season. The update would be free as a download for anyone who already owns the game, sticking to Capcom’s promise that they wouldn’t require people to buy multiple versions of SFV.

All of this just makes too much sense. Last year, Season 2 of SFV was announced at the end of Capcom Cup, so it’s believable that there will be a major announcement this year as well. A January release date for a game/patch announced in December makes sense. A re-branding of SFV now that public opinion on it is starting to lean positive makes sense. An Arcade Mode makes sense. Even the name “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition” makes sense, not only because that mode would be a marquee feature for this version, but also because Capcom has released “Arcade Edition” versions of other Street Fighter games in the past, including SFIV.

So far this stuff is looking more and more real every day. Just two weeks ago, some datamining into the PC version of SFV uncovered files for new V-Skills for each character…

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Source: Eurogamer