This Week's Beta Data

This weekend, for no money down, you can play some of the biggest upcoming games of the month. January 2018 is going to easily go down as the best January in video game history and, as a result, we end up with crazy weekends like this one. So here’s a quick peek at the schedule so you can know what to play, when, where and for how long.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT Open Beta

What is it: Dissidia is the Final Fantasy fighting game. This is the third game in the series, and the first on a home console, so it brings with it a fantastic online mode and graphics that blew me away. You can play it with friends online (with no PS Plus requirement), or solo offline. It’s a complicated game, but it’s also incredibly unique. Even if you don’t like fighting games, give this a try, because I guarantee you’ve never played anything like it. I also love the soundtrack. The full game is out January 30th.

Where: PS4

When: January 13-21

How to find it: I ended up having to search it on the PlayStation Store, by typing “beta” into the search bar. 

Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta

What is it: If you haven’t seen DBFZ yet, just know this: this is possibly the most anticipated game of 2018. It’s a beautiful-looking game that captures the look and sound of the TV show, but it’s also an Arc System Works fighting game, meaning it’s very serious, and could end up being a turn off to people who aren’t used to games like Guilty Gear or BlazBlue. The beta includes online matches and offline training options. As far as I know, this doesn’t require a subscription to either platform’s online service. Dragon Ball FighterZ  is out January 26th.

Where: PS4 and Xbox One

When: January 12th at 3am EST if you’ve pre-ordered the game on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, or the official website. January 13th at 3am EST if you did not pre-order.

How to find it: Again, I ended up having to search for “beta” on the PS Store, but, if you pre-ordered, it’ll be featured in the store of your console of choice.


Halo 5: Guardians Free Weekend

What is it: The cool thing about this is that it’s not a beta or a demo. This is the full game of Halo 5 available to play for free, online and off, all weekend. The game itself is also on sale for $15.

Where: Xbox One

When: January 11th-January 14th

How to find it: The Halo 5 page of the Xbox Live Marketplace will have it.

Go get’em! I’ll be online with those fighting games and I’ll do my best to run some streams over at


PS: Did you know Dragon Ball is always spelled as two separate words? The things you learn writing for a video game website.