The EWC Cast Episode 17

We recorded on a Monday and that was a great idea because we're fresh off the gigantic showcase of upcoming games from Paris Games Week 2017. Spider-ManGod of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Monster Hunter World, Spelunky 2, and the new game from the creators of Infamous, Ghosts of Tsushima... 2018 is going to be bananas. We also squeeze in some Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp chat and our thoughts on one of the greatest games of all time: Borderlands 2

Music is produced by the incredibly talented Chuki Beats, who you should check out right here: Thank you!

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Trailers galore, people.

The newest game from Infamous developer, Sucker Punch, Ghosts of Tsushima.

More amazing video of Spider-Man.

A new cutscene from The Last of Us Part 2.

Quantic Dreams' new game, Detroit: Become HumanI also strongly recommend this gripping tech demo that might be a prequel to Detroit, titled Kara.

The Inpatient, a new VR game that seems to be a prequel to Until Dawn.

Top-down shooter The Hong Kong Massacre, which we feel looks a lot like Hotline Miami (and here's a trailer for that game if you've never seen it, because it's dope).

The debut trailer for Concrete Junglea neat indie game that we didn't really understand.

Footage of the Journey-esque game Oure.

Even more impressive-looking footage of the new God of War.

I'm sure that doesn't even cover it all.